Friday, February 5, 2016

Calpe Silesian Jager

I forgot to order skirmishers for my musketeer battalions when I ordered last. So, they shipped with my artillery and were rushed to the painting table. I wanted a "scene" rather than the perfect ratio of men to represent the skirmishing Jäger.

I painted one base for each of my two musketeer battalions for the 11th Silesian Regiment, one of which stand behind for these shots below.

Calpe makes such excellent figures, I wish I had hundreds more.

Flag, as always, is GMB

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Silesian Reserve with French Equipment

I worked on these chaps prior to Christmas, but only got the flag attached last week. I am using them as a reserve battalion for my 10th Silesian Regiment. When I started my Prussian Project in 2012, I did not have any plans to do any unit in greatcoats, but that all changed when I found a box of Perry French Infantry in the discount bin at my LGS.

The box had 12 men in greatcoats. At first I thought it would be as easy as just putting a spare Prussian rucksack on, but I forgot that they have a greatcoat roll already molded on. So, Plan B was to us the provided rucks, chop off their heads and replace them with Prussian heads and shakos. I then ordered 12 metal Perry Prussians to fill out the ranks.

The results below are that I have the first and second companies in standard Prussian battle rattle, and the third and fourth with liberated French equipment. I also added an extra long pike as the flag staff, just to make this battalion stand out a bit more.


I am very pleased with how this battalion turned out and I might do something similar in the future if I ever find more Frenchies on sale.

Flag is by GMB.