Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Walls and a field

At the beginning of the year, I told myself I would work on terrain. Eight months later, I completed the first pieces for the year. First up are Italeri walls that Warlord also sells (though these were not branded as Warlord). They went together easy enough, but the three sided piece has broken twice. They do not give enough to make two squares, so I had to improvise.  I figures the open one could butt up against trees or a house. 

Were I to do it again, or I should say, when I get another set, I will/ would fill the gaps a bit better with green stuff. I didn't think the lines would show as bad when painted.  But for about $15, they're pretty damn nice.

Second is a tilled field I made from resin walls I got at my LGS for about $3, mounted them on plasticard with my home brew of sand, ballast and wood glue.  It's pretty solid once it dries and is painted.  I primed, painted and flocked it, then experimented with Vallejo Still Water to add puddles.  I like the effect. My next battalion of Landwehr will be trodding through the mud, so this was the basing trial. 

I still have a few more of these walls, so I will make another, smaller field. I am pleased with the outcome. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Battle at Kleinbauernhof

On New Year's Eve we joined a boxing gym, hence the lack of updates.  But this past Saturday, Matt and I were able to play a rather large game of Black a Powder on my home table. The terrain is very much WIP, and we're lacking in the hill department, but we did not let that hold us back. After not playing in a while, we laid out everything we have painted and began. 

We also decided to use some house rules found here - Link

 The table was set up with a village in the middle and our armies on either long edge.

My army consisted of the 3/2 East Prussian Regiment, 10/1 Silesian Regiment, 11/2 Silesian Regiment, 3 Lamdwehr Battalions,  2 squadrons of hussars, 1 of dragons, 1 upland, 1 6 pdr battery and a 12 pdr batter divided into 5 brigades. Matt's army was also 5 battalions of Italians and French. 

This also marked the first time I got to use my recently painted heavy battery of 12pdrs.

Matt went first and immediately stormed the village, gaining an advantage. His center and right moved forward, while his artillery and cavalry waited. 

My troops all moved forward cautiously after receiving 6 pdr fire. The heavy battery returned fire.

The dashing Leibhusaren rushed forward on my left, forcing Matt's Italians to react by forming square out of precaution.

The Franco- Italians took the buldings and began knocking loop holes in the walls to take pot shots at the oncoming Landwehr. 

His Velites blundered and moved to their left, while the other battalions on his right flank formed square due to the cavalry threat. In the center, his brigade took all of the village before my Landwehr could make it. 

With his infantry stuck in square, my East Prussian Regiment took advantage of the situation and moved into musket range on my left.

My right flank moved forward as well in attempt to flank the village, all the while receiving heavy fire from Matt's artillery. He was successful in chasing off the entire squadron of uhlans.

Steadily all of may infantry began to pinch the flanks of the village. My cavalry harassed his infantry and the untested Silesian Landwehr stormed the first building, destroying the defenders and prepared to assault the second.

With the infantry reforming out of square, my fusiliers engaged the building to their right while the musketeers and grenadiers engaged the infantry to their front.

Still his cavalry held behind the artillery. I was waiting for them to charge at any minute, but the command rolls would not have it. 

Volley after volley smashed into the East Prussians, causing the first musketeers to fall back. Thankfully the grenadiers were directly behind them to provide support. 

Unphased by the approaching cannon fire, the Silesians began to close the gap on the right flank of the village. 

Again the cavalry failed their charge rolls. The artillery's powder must have been faulty as well, because minimal casualties were taken from practically point blank range. 

On the right the Silesian's prepared to assault the Afrikaners while on the left the grenadiers prepared to take the Velites. 

Unfortunately after 7 hours and about 6 turns we had to call for time. Had we had maybe another hour I think one of our armies would have begun to crumble, but c'est la vie. 

I am happy with how my table is coming. I still need to paint the tree bases, buildings and make some hills.  I'll get there.  I am ecstatic with how our armies look.  After about a year of painting, Matt has almost as much as I have done in 5 years haha. Maybe I should speed up my system. 

Some of the above pictures might be out of order as I am still trying to figure out my new iPad. But that should allow for more updates as well.