Thursday, December 3, 2015

Saga: Double Header

I played a double header of Saga against Tim last week. We thankfully have been getting more games of Saga in. Along with the show Vikings and The Last Kingdom, that is good motivation to build and paint more Vikings.

First up, was a Battle of the Warlords 6 Points. My Vikings vs. Tim's Scots. We chose to use characters from the books. Tim's character allowed him to steal a unit of my men. My character was Gunnar Hamundarson. The battle for the sheep had commenced.

Tim's Army, with my warriors at the bottom.

I combined two Hirdmen units to make a unit of eight.


Interestingly, even though he stole my warriors, he did not move them. So at least my med wouldn't be shedding their brothers' blood.

The warlords began to clash, drawing a wound a piece. I tried to inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. My Hirdmen moved up as fast as possible, but not fast enough.

Reinforcements for both sides made it to their warlords at the same time.

"They come over here and they chop off our legs; they cut off our hands and put nails in our eyes, O'Grady is dead and O'Hanrahan's gone..."

For some reason, Tim's guy below reminded me of the Traditional Irish Folk Song.

My Berserkers and Warlord, with some 21 attacks, should have chopped Tim's warlord in half, but only inflicted 5 wounds. In this scenario, each warlord has 12!

Tim's men formed a Shield Wall and attacked my secluded warlord and remaining Berserkers.

My other Hirdmen were too far away assist and on the ultimate battle, Tim's force overran mine and took the field.

Sheep! All the SHEEP ARE MINE!

Our second battle was in a secluded forest. This battle was simply aclash of warbands, also 6 points. This time I tried out the Norse Gales board and Tim took the Pagan Rus.

This battle was extremely quick. First turn we both moved up. He killed off a unit of Dane Axes by exhausting them and then killing them. But out Warlords met in the middle of the table, ready for war. On the first fight we managed to kill each other's warriors.

But on the second, I played Slaughter and we ended up killing one another's warlords, thus a draw.

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