Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Battle in Lapland

A few weeks back I played a game of Bolt Action against my buddy, Jim. His Soviet hoard invaded a serene little village in Lapland and began to pillage. Thankfully, a platoon of German Gebirgsjäger and a small Finnish reconnaissance force were in the area to repel the attack. I didn't take many play-by-play shots, but I did manage a few glam- shots.

6x4 table with a Cigar Box Battle Mat

View to my Left
View to my Right
Gebirgsjäger MG34 deploys in the woods

Swuad of Germans move up on the road

Simo Häyhä, the White Death

Overall it was a decent game. Pretty standard for Bolt Action. Jim's army is unpainted, hence no pictures of his guys. The miniatures above are a mix of Brigade Games' excellent Ends of the Earth line, Warlord Games and EBob Opel Blitz.