Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Saga: Vikings and Irish

I finally got around to taking pictures of my Saga Vikings. I am about half way through painting everything I have, but much to my surprise and chagrin, it takes me forever to paint Dark Age figures. I thought they would be quick- Leather, metal and one other color, but they take me a long time, since I don't want them to look like they're wearing uniforms.
The below figures are all Gripping Beast, mostly plastic. The only exceptions will be noted in the captions.
The first eight are Hirdmen.
The Blonde is Bronze Age Miniatures

One of the Warlords (Also Bronze Age Miniatures)
 I really like Bronze Age Miniatures females. They don't look like Valkyries, or a bikini model, or a 10th Century prostitute.

Gripping Beast metal Ragnar Lothbrok

Berserkers! I know there is a field of thought that "Berserker" means bare skin, or perhaps bear skin. I went with a bit of a mix. Though, mine prefer wolf pelts.

All four are Bronze Age Miniatures

Irish Curaidh
I nicknamed these blokes Michael and Hugh, my brothers

Bondi/ Bonnacts

One of my favorite pieces of terrain. Architects of War's Well. I use it for all of my European WWII, Saga, and Napoleonic games.
The Bronze Age Miniatures are technically 32mm, but I think they fit in just fine. 

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