Friday, August 21, 2015

Saga: Vikings v. Jomsvikings

I have been in the mood to dust off my Vikings for a game of Saga. Thankfully, Tim was available for a game. He brought his Jomsvikings and we got to throw some dice.

Since we hadn't played in a year, we only played 4 points, so we could get used to the rules again. Below is my 4 point list - Ragnar the Warlord, 2 units of Hirdmen, 1 unit of Berserkers and 1 unit of Bondi. All miniatures are Gripping Beast, except the four Berserkers and two female Shield maidens, which are Bronze Age Miniatures

I set up the table with 4x6 worth of terrain. But we only used 4x3 of it. So the killing grounds ran from the nearside of the pig sty to the crease in the fields toward the top.
Ragnar and 8 meat shields, err I mean brave Bondi set up on my right flank, the two units of Hirdmen in the center and Berserkers on the left.

Tim's Warlord was set up across from mine. They had locked eyes and knew this village was not big enough for the two of them and one would dine in Valhalla.

Tim's warriors foolishly left cover of the palisade and ran across the flax field toward my blood-thirsty Berserkers.

The Warlords moved toward the center of the village. 

My Berserkers made quick work of Tim's men, 16 attacks will do that, and surprisingly two lived. Usually they almost guaranteed to die along with their prey. My Hirdmen in the upper right of the below picture also took out the silvermen on the same turn. Things were looking up for Ragnar's men and women.

Until the Jomsviking's Fury rose to its peak and Tim was able to isolate my Warlord. He used his ability to move my Warriors away after a small clash.

Also with his fury he was able to direct something like 15 attacks toward my Warlord alone. He got 11 hits, and I made all of 2 saves.
Ragnar and his men found themselves in Valhalla, or is it Hel since it's snowy? Either way, it was a fun game. I find the Jomsvikings a very tough nut to crack with Vikings. I just don't ever have the men  to sacrifice to keep his fury at bay. I think next time we play I will need at least 2 units of Warriors, or 1 Levy so I can sacrifice 3 men without that destroying my momentum.

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