Monday, May 23, 2016

Last of the Mohicans and Blockhouse

My French & Indian War project continues! Albeit a bit out of order. I prioritized Conquest Miniatures' (Warlord) pack of the Last of the Mohicans and Old Glory's Fort Ripley Block House.

I wanted the Block House to appear very weathered, so I went with a gray wood on the outside.

The Conquest miniatures fit perfectly in scale, and has space for an eagle eyed sharpshooter up top.

Conquest's LotM pack comes with 6 figures- Magua, Nathaniel Hawkeye, Chingachgook, Uncas, Alice Munro and Cora Munro. As with all of Conquest's products, these are outstanding sculpts (Cora's eyebrows notwithstanding).

Highlanders and Compagnies Franches de la Marine are on deck.

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